Civil Service of Pakistan

Also known as the Central Superior Services of Pakistan was originally derived from former Indian Civil Service and reformed in 1971 to receive a constitutional foundation.

The Civil Service of Pakistan is the permanent bureaucracy of the Government of Pakistan. It is considered as backbone of the state. The Civil Service is headed by the Establishment Secretary reporting directly to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the final authority in all matters of the Civil Service.

The Establishment Secretary is Inamullah Khan

Provincial branches

Each provisional branch of Civil Service is headed by the provincial Chief Secretary.

  • Chief Secretary of Punjab
  • Chief Secretary of Sindh
  • Chief Secretary of Balochistan
  • Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

CSS Examination

Civil Servents' selection is done via an yearly examination conducted and supervised by Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan (FSCP). FSCP is also responsible for allocating successful candidates to different departments of Civil Service.

The CSS examinations:

  • are extremely competitive exam and have reputation of low pass rate
  • are held at start of every year in entire country
  • provides equal opportunities to candidates based on their qualifications
Merit based selection
Quota based selection