Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Pakistan Origin Card (POC) provides unprecedented incentives to eligible expatriates.

Who can apply for the Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

You can apply for the POC if you meet any one of the following criteria. You:

  • were previously a Pakistani citizen (surrendered nationality)
  • have parents/legal guardian of Pakistani origin
  • have immediate family of Pakistani origin
  • are married to a Pakistani national except where you are national of Taiwan, India, Israel or any other country that is not recogonized by Pakistan

What you can do with POC

You can use POC:

  • as proof of Identity in place of National Identity Card (NIC/CNIC)
  • for multiple visa-free entry and swift immigration into/from Pakistan ports
  • for indefinite stay in Pakistan and become exempt from reporting to police or foreigners' registration offices
  • to purchase, sell, own, deal with and dispose of movable, immovable property
  • to open bank accounts and register mobile sims anywhere in Pakistan
  • to obtain employment (other conditions apply)

How to apply

You can apply for POC online at NADRA Pak Identity website.

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